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More information about Kamagra

What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is a breakthrough pill that represents the generic version of Viagra and can be used for the treatment of male impotence that may result in psychological and physical discomfort and other problems caused by it. A man taking Kamagra can get an erection that is both hard and stable therefore being able to have sex whenever he wants, with the erection going away as usual once the intercourse has been completed.

What does Kamagra look like?

Kamagra comes in tablets that contain 10 mg of the active ingredient, which is usually the highest dose of regular Viagra (Kamagra and Viagra contain the same active ingredient, sildenafil citrate). Kamagra comes as a generic version of Viagra that offers the same level of efficiency.

How is it best to use Kamagra?

You will need to follow all the recommendations of your health care provider when it comes to taking Kamagra only once every 24 hours making sure you avoid drinking alcohol alongside. Take each dose of Kamagra with a full glass of water making sure you swallow it whole without crushing the tablet or breaking it to prevent the premature release of the active ingredient. Kamagra must not be combined with any medications that contain nitrates, as well as a number of other ones, such as erythromycin, high blood pressure medicines, rifamycins, mibefradil, isosorbide dinitrate, azole antifungals, or cimetidine. Your health care provider will help you decide about the best way to take this drug to make sure you benefit form the treatment and do not get any serious side effects.

How does Kamagra work?

The way erection works needs to be explained in order to understand better how Kamagra can help a man overcome the sexual problems of that kind. The erection occurs when signals of excitement are sent from the brain down to the nerves, which results in more blood entering the tissues of the penis. More blood flows in, and so the arteries enlarge resulting in a hard erection that normally goes away once the man reaches an orgasm (ejaculates). Kamagra works by stimulating blood flow to the tissues of the penis, as well as preventing a specific enzyme from causing blood outflow that is too quick.

How should I take Kamagra right?

Just like the brand name Viagra, Kamagra is expected to work within an hour and give you up to 5 hours of efficiency. You can attempt having sex at any moment within this period, but it is always best to do it at the beginning of the period, as that way the effects of Kamagra will be more powerful. Unlike commonly believed, Kamagra does not give you an instant erection (and neither does Viagra or any other drugs of the kind). You need to be stimulated sexually in order to get an erection and have sex as planned. It’s recommended to avoid using Kamagra with alcohol or take it along with a meal that is high in fat (as well as son after such a meal), purchase kamagra online uk. Doing other wise may result in Kamagra not working properly for you, which may result in insufficient erection, order kamagra online australia.

Talking to your doctor before using Kamagra

Your health care provider will need to be notified of any health problems you have that may affect the success of your treatment, buy kamagra from india uk. Your doctor will need to know about physical deformity of the penis, blood cell disorder, a history of a heart attack or stroke, bleeding disorder, heart disease, heart rhythm problems, kidney disease, congestive heart failure, stomach ulcer, high or low blood pressure, liver disease, or coronary artery disease in case you have any of the conditions mentioned, buy kamagra online uk canada. Make sure you also tell your doctor about other problems you have, buy kamagra tablets online without prescription australia.
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