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Synthroid Synthroid is a medication, levorotatory isomer of thyroxine. It works after partial metabolism in liver and kidneys affecting tissue development and growth, and metabolism. Synthroid is branded Levothyroxine sodium.

Buy levothyroxine without prescription at our online pharmacy. Synthroid is chemically reproduced thyroid hormone. This drug is a modern effective and safe remedy of substitutive and suppressive therapy in the most of thyroid diseases. It controls metabolism, stimulates proteins, fats and carbohydrates metabolism, increases functional activity of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Make an order for synthroid without prescription at our site.

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Drug Use

Synthroid is indicated in primary and secondary hypothyroidism, for complex treatment of Graves’ disease, euthyroid hyperplasia, prophylaxis after surgery of malignant thyroid neoplasms, cretinism.
The treatment with Synthroid is recommended after consultation with the doctor. Correct diagnosis is a crucial factor for successful treatment. Only  the doctor can define your disease. The doctor will indicate a right dosage for you. Doses individually depend on disease. Treatment is started from low doses - 12,5-25mkg a day.

A standard daily dose is 25-200mkg once a day before a meal. A maintaining dose is 25-200mkg a day. In congenital thyreoid deficiency, a dose for children under 6 months is 25-50mkg, under 12 months is 60mkg, 1-5 years is 100mkg, 6-12 years is up to 150mkg, above 12 years is up to 200mkg a day. The permanent medical control is required during treatment with the drug.
About 15 % of the drug is eliminated unchanged through the kidneys and the bile. Generic Synthroid price is much less than branded drug. Order Levothyroxine medication delivery.  

Drug Action

Synthroid makes thyroid hormones deficiency. Metabolic effect includes linking between receptors and genomes, exchange in mitochondria oxidizing and controls substrate and cation in the cell. An anabolic effect is achieved in low doses, averages doses stimulate growth and development, increase oxygen requirement for tissues, regulate protein, fats and carbohydrates, metabolism, increase functional activity of the cardiovascular system and central nervous system, high doses depress development of thyrotropin release and thyrotrophic hormones. You can buy Synthroid online without a prescription at our pharmacy.  


Absolute contraindications for drug application are acute myocardial infarction, acute myocarditis (cardiac muscles inflammation), suprarenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease), serious cardiac rhythm disturbance, serious hyperthyroidism, hypersensitivity to the drug, senior age (above 65 years old). Relative contraindications include serious coronary heart disease, general atherosclerosis, expressed arterial hypertension (high arterial pressure), circulatory deficiency.
During pregnancy and breast-feeding, Synthroid is recommended to be taken under the doctor’s control. Synthroid has been thoroughly investigated and there is no reason to suspect toxic impact on the fetus or development of congenital malformation due to the drug. But during breast-feeding take extra care taking Synthroid.
If therapeutic Synthroid dose is indicated correctly, ability to potentially dangerous activity requiring special attention and fast psychomotor reactions is not affected. Treatment with Synthroid required the regular medical control.


If Synthroid is taken correctly under the doctor’s control, side-effects are not experienced. This fact has been proved during long years, buy levothyroxine no prescription uk. But like other drugs, Synthroid may cause certain side-effects in case of overdose: hyperthyroidism (increased thyroid function), deterioration of coronary heart disease, diabetes, Addison’s disease, in rare cases cardiac rhythm disturbance, diarrhea, vomiting, sleeplessness, order synthroid online australia. In the first 2-3 days after taking a diagnostic dose (3 mg), you may observe palpitation, weakness, or hyperhidrosis, buy levothyroxine without prescription uk. However, the said side-effects are not serious and pass soon, buy synthroid online without a prescription canada.
This information is provided for informational purposes only. All drugs should be bought strictly on doctor's prescription from authorized suppliers! We do not sell any pharmaceutical products!

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