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Seroquel Seroquel is an antipsychotic drug that changes chemical actions in your brain. It is used to cure symptoms of some episodes in bipolar disorder and to treat schizophrenia. Do not use Seroquel if you have dementia-related psychosis, or are younger than 18 years old.

Quetiapine is also used for other conditions, which are not listed here. Ask your doctor to learn more about Seroquel.

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You should know:

Antidepressant medicines may cause suicide thoughts and actions, especially in teenagers and people under 24 years old, seroquill uk. Do not take Seroquel if you are younger than 18, where can i buy quetiapina australia.   In case you have suicidal thoughts, worsening of depression or getting irritable, call your doctor immediately, mail quetiapina uk. Your doctor should watch you for first several weeks of your treatment, seraquil 100mg canada.

If you have such symptoms as continual movements of muscles, fever and sweating, problems with heart rhythm, vision or speech, stop taking Seroquel and call your doctor at once, price seroquell australia.

Pay attention, quetiapine is not allowed to treat elderly patients with dementia-related conditions, serquel online canada. It may cause serious side effects like pneumonia, heart attacks and even sudden death, order seroguel.

Your doctor should know:

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, going to become pregnant or breast feeding, cheap serequel. Quetiapine can harm your baby, buy seraquel. Be careful if you are diabetic, Seroquel may cause hyperglycemia – high blood sugar, seroquil. Check your blood sugar level during your treating, buy seroquel online without prescription. Tell your doctor in case you notice permanent thirst or hunger, increased urination or weakness, canadian seroquel pharmacy.
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I use Seroquel for sleep

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