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More information about Protonix

Why you may need to be taking Protonix

You may be prescribed Protonix (pantoprazole) if you have erosive esophagitis or some other conditions caused by the excessive amounts of acid produced in the stomach. You will need to tell your health care provider if you have a history of any allergies, as those may affect the success of your treatment. Protonix is classified as a proton pump inhibitor and you need to be taking it in case you have any of the conditions mentioned above.

Taking Protonix the right way

Make sure you take Protonix for as long as recommended and do not stop the treatment before it is time. Stopping the treatment before it is time may lead to a lower efficiency of it, and you may not treat the conditions entirely. If you have to take Protonix for a long time, make sure you talk to your health care provider about your vitamin needs. This medicine can make it more difficult for you to absorb vitamin B12, and this may lead to the deficiency of this vitamin. Protonix is not expected to harm an unborn child. You will always need to make sure you tell your health care provider about your pregnancy or the fact you are breastfeeding a baby.

What needs to be done in case of an overdose?

Although an overdose of Protonix is not supposed to produce life-threatening effects, you need to avoid taking too much of this medicine. Taking too much of pantoprazole can result in a number of unpleasant symptoms that can be individual for every patient. If you happened to use too much of pantoprazole either intentionally or by accident, seek emergency medical help.

What to do before you start the treatment

Your health care provider will prescribe a dose based on your personal needs, and the dose will need to be observed very carefully, while the recommendations of your health care provider ill need to be followed. You will need to tell your doctor about any medical conditions you have or used to have, as well as any medications you are taking at the moment, buy pantoprazole without prescription uk. The following drugs are supposed to be reported to your health care provider before you take the first dose of pantoprazole: ketoconazole, iron, ampicillin, blood thinners, atazanavir, and clopidogrel, where to buy pantoprazole online australia. The list of drugs known to cause interactions is not complete, cost of buy protonix online 40 mg uk. There may be some other drugs known to affect the success of your treatment by causing interactions, where to buy protonix without prescription canada.
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