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Furosemide Lasix is a registered trademark for a drug, generic name is Furosemide.

Furosemide is a strong diuretic. Furosemide fights against fluid retention in the body, helps to reduce fluid and salt from the body tissues. Body water, sodium chloride, and other molecules usually are eliminated from the body through the kidneys. Urine is produced from the filtered fluid. Certain amount of the sodium, chloride and body water filtered from blood is reabsorbed into blood before urine is eliminated from the body. Furosemide blocks the absorption of water, chloride, and sodium from the filtered liquid in the tubules of the kidney, leading to diuresis, the extremely large quantity of urine.

The drug starts working after oral administration in one hour, and the diuresis process lasts approximately seven or eight hours. The drug starts working after administration by injection in five minutes and the diuresis lasts about two hours. Furosemide due to its diuretic effect may cause reduction in body water, chloride, sodium, and other minerals. Consequently, furosemide is strictly recommended to be taken only under medical supervision during treatment. Furosemide was approved by Food and Drug Administration in July 1982.

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Lasix Storage

Furosemide should be stored at the room ambient temperature, away from light in the safely light-proof container.

Furosemide Use:

Furosemide is a strong diuretic. It is used in treatment of excessive retention of body fluid in the tissues or swelling (edema) of the body tissues caused by cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, or the nephrotic syndrome. Furosemide is sometimes indicated alone or in combination with other blood pressure medications for treatment of high blood pressure.

Lasix (Furosemide) Dosage:

The usual initial dose at oral administration in treatment of edema in adults is 20-80mg as a single dose. The increased dose may be administered once again in seven or eight hours. Drug dosages sometimes may be increased to 20-40mg every seven or eight hours until the desired effect is achieved. The effective dose is recommended to be taken once or twice daily. Certain patients may require 600mg daily. The initial at oral administration in children is 2mg per kg of the body weight. The initial dose may be increased by 1-2mg per kg of the body weight every six hours until the desired effect is achieved. Doses higher than 6mg/kg are not recommended. The recommended dose in treatment of hypertension is 40mg twice daily.

Lasix Interactions:

Furosemide combination with aminoglycoside antibiotics, such as gentamicin or ethacrynic acid (Edecrin), another diuretic drug, may lead to hearing defect. Furosemide combined with aspirin may lead to increase of aspirin level in blood and cause aspirin toxicity. Furosemide may decrease elimination of lithium through the kidneys, increasing lithium levels in blood and causing side-effects from lithium, order lasix no prescription. buy furosemid without prescription. order furosemid online no prescription uk. Sucralfate (Carafate) decreases the furosemide action working as a binder of furosemide in the intestine causing prevention furosemide absorption in the body, buy lasix without prescription australia. Furosemide and sucralfate should be taken with two hour gap, buy lasix online uk.
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