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What kind of drug is Differin?

Differin (adapalene topical) is a medicine that is similar in action to vitamin A and helps the skin renew faster. You will need to make sure you always take Differin as prescribed, as otherwise you may not benefit from the treatment as much as you wish you could. This drug can be used only by those older than 12 for the treatment to severe acne. This drug works by helping your skin to renew faster treating the symptoms of acne.

How to apply the cream?

Make sure you apply the cream as prescribed by your health care provider or as indicated on the label. It is very important that you avoid getting any of this product on the open wounds, as well as into your eyes, notes or mouth. It is not recommended to apply adapalene topical on the areas of your body that are chapped, windburned, irritated, sunburned, dry, or affected in any other way. Avoid using products containing alpha hydroxyl or glycolic acid, as this may affect the efficiency of Differin. Make sure you do not use products that are too harsh on the skin – such as shampoos, alcohol containing skin products, skin cleansers etc. Your skin care program should be elaborated individually by your health care provider. Applying Differin more often than necessary can worsen its side effects. Make sure you always take this medicine exactly as prescribed by your health care provider and try to avoid missing doses or skipping them. Make sure you apply this medicine as directed, usually in the evening, once daily. Try to avoid skipping your doses or missing them. However, make sure you do not apply a double dose in case you happened to miss one and remembered about it too late. Before application, clean your skin with come cleanser that is mild and does not make it too dry. Pat the skin dry with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing your skin with the towel to prevent irritation. Clean your skin with a mild cleanser (not soap) before applying the medication. Pat the skin dry with a clean towel. Apply a thin layer of this medicine to the skin and avoid any other topical products that may cause interference. You will need to tell your doctor if your acne does not improve after 8 to 12 weeks for the treatment.

Differin safety precautions

Differin has been reported to increase the sensitivity of your skin to sunlight and artificial UV rays. It is therefore recommended that you avoid exposure to those and use sunscreen when you have to stay outside for a long time. Differin is FDA pregnancy category C. This drug can harm an unborn child, but it is not known for sure whether Differin can pass into breast mild and affect the health of an unborn child. You will need to tell your health care provider if ya are pregnant or breastfeeding, buy differin gel online uk. It's okay if for the first several weeks of the treatment (usually up to 4 weeks) your skin is dry and scaly, where to buy differin without prescription australia. However, do tell your doctor if this continues for longer, buy differin gel 0.3 uk. If you experience some burning or stinging, you can carry on with the treatment unless those symptoms continue and start to affect the quality of your life, as ell as your wellbeing, where to buy adapalene gel canada.
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