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What is Clavamox used for?

Clavamox is a commonly used brand name for the combination of two active ingredients - amoxicillin + clavulanate that work together to treat bacterial infections, most often in animals – cats, dogs etc. Clavulanate works by inhibiting the enzyme called beta-lactamase produced by bacteria. This enzyme can make ampicillin ineffective, so once it has been inhibited ampicillin starts killing the bacteria. This medicine is usually available by prescription and can be purchased from a veterinarian, but you can always buy it online without going anywhere. However, make sure the health problem your pet seems to be having has been caused by bacteria, as otherwise generic Clavamox is not going to be efficient. This medicine can sometimes be used in humans to treat skin infections, wound infections, bone infections, bladder infections and pneumonia.

Safety precautions

While generic Clavamox is considered to be quite a safe medicine with minor side effects, you still need to be careful when giving it to your pet. This drug is not supposed to be given to animals with hypersensitivity to amoxicillin or clavulanate, as they may get an allergic reaction and are not going to benefit from their treatment as much as they could have otherwise. In about 10% of cases animals that are given this medicine may vomit due to stomach irritation. It may be helpful to give the animal some food before administering the drug to decrease the irritation. If vomiting occurs each time Clavamox is administered, talk the veterinarian to find out what the reason may be. There is no need to get worried if the animal that is being administered Clavamox has loose stools, as this is typical of some antibacterial treatments of the kind.

Giving Clavamox to your pet

Clavamox for animals comes in tables of different size containing from 62. 5 to 400 mg of the active ingredients; there is also the liquid form. The ratio of clavulanate to amoxicillin is 1 to 5 in those forms. The human form contains a different reaction of the two active ingredients but it is also supposed to be safe for animals. If your pet is receiving any other drugs, make sure you tell the vet about it, as drug interactions have been reported. Such drugs as chloramphenicol and tetracycline should not be given to your pet together with Clavamox. Make sure you do everything as recommended by the veterinarian. Usually the dose of this medicine can range from 5 to 12 mg per pound two to three times a day. The dose is determined depending on every particular case and should not be changed or exceeded. How long your pet will need to be given this drug also depends on they way it responds to the treatment, uk.
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Timothy Sullivan (Saturday, May 30)
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Eric VanTassel (Friday, April 20)
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joan bernstein (Tuesday, April 17)
How do I place an order for Clavamox drops?
Heather (Friday, March 23)
I would like to purchase Clavamox drops or 62.5mg tabs. I do not have a prescription it is for a cat. I will need either2 boxes of Clav drops or 28 tablets of 62.5mgs, i need to treat two feral cats.
kendrick (Friday, November 3)
how long will it take from the time i order this medication to arrive.
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Russa (Tuesday, January 13)
irescue catthe vet will not give me clavamox unless I bring the cats in some of the cats are feralI need to clavamox for is upper respiratory infections my vet has given it to me before it's almost 30 dollars a bottle for liquid.I'm a nurse so I understand what I'm asking for can you help me please
lisa (Thursday, December 4)
My 2 pit bulls have gotten into 3 fights in the past 10 years. Clavamox is what the vet gives them. They both weigh 89lbs roughly. Its too much expensive at the vet. Can I get them on your site?
Sandy (Monday, September 22)
I have a 6.5 lb Yorkie that has a reoccurring bladder infection. What would her dose be and for the length? I've researched diligently and arrived at your site.
Sammy (Friday, December 6)
I need clavamox drops for a kitten, without a prescription
pat (Saturday, June 23)
I have 30lb adult female dog with a hx bladder stone surgery,and recurring bladder infections,c&s of urine shows clavamox is drug of reccommends 250 mg for 4 weeks,how much would that be and how soon can I get them
jesus riera (Monday, June 20)
please send me price information on clavamox for a 19 lbs westie . This is the drug that always helps her with her insect bites infections Please be prompt also how long does it take to get them
Wendy (Friday, March 25)
I have had one cat treated and it has cost me lots of money for an upper respiratory infection...I have 2 other cats that are not mine but have the same symptoms....their owners are not treating them...If there is any owners..I think they moved and left them behind...I cannot affor to take them all to the vet but I know they need meds.
Terri (Tuesday, June 29)
It is irritating that there is no where you can ask a question. The FAQ does not cover the qustion I have and there is no other way to contact anyone.

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