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More information about Estrace

What is Estrace used for?

Estrace (estradiol oral) is an estrogen-kind hormone that may be required for a female patient to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, including irritation, vaginal burning, dryness and hot flashes. The way Estrace works is by replacing natural estrogen therefore making it possible for females whose bodies do not produce estrogen to carry on with their normal life. In some cases estradiol oral may also be prescribed by your health care professional for the treatment of cancer and prevention of osteoporosis.

Contraindications for using Estrace

There are certain factors that may prevent you from enjoying all the benefits of Estrace treatment, and they will all need to be reported to your health care provider. Your doctor will also need to know if you have or used to have kidney disease, migraines, liver disease, depression, high cholesterol, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, gallbladder disease, heart disease, or any other conditions that may affect the success of your treatment. If you need to be using Estrace for a long time, make sure this decision is discussed and analyzed properly beforehand. Talking to your doctor is recommended, as long-term treatment may increase the risk of developing certain medical conditions (breast cancer being one of them) that could be otherwise avoided. In that case, your doctor will need to check your progress regularly to make sure you are benefiting from the treatment.

Is Estrace dangerous for an unborn child?

Estrace is FDA pregnancy category X. This category is used for drugs that have been reported to cause serious birth defects in babies if taken by pregnant women at any point of their pregnancy, buy estradiol tablets no prescription uk. Always make sure you obtain a negative pregnancy test result before starting the treatment, and let your doctor know if you get pregnant at any point of your treatment, buy estradiol cream australia. You will be able to find out more about available birth control methods to make sure you avoid a pregnancy, order estradiol patch online uk.

Can estradiol be combined with other drugs?

You are not supposed too combine Estrace with other medications without your doctor's consent, where to buy estradiol online without prescription canada. Make sure you tell your health care provider if at the moment of starting the treatment you are already taking antibiotics, phenobarbital, phenytoin, ritonavir, carbamazepine, blood thinners, St, where to buy estradiol no prescription australia. John's wort, rifampin, cimetidine, or other medications you think may be important to mention, where to buy estrace online canada.
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