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More information about Cytotec

Why can misoprostol be taken?

Cytotec (misoprostol) is a medicine that may need to be taken for the prevention of ulcers in the stomach. The ulcers of this kind can be caused by NSAIDs (drugs you may be taking for the treatment of pain, fever, arthritis, and inflammatory conditions). This drug works by reducing the production of stomach acid.

Can misoprostol affect the health of an unborn child?

Cytotec is FDA pregnancy category X and must never be taken by any female patients that are pregnant or breastfeeding. This drug can cause serious and very dangerous effects in unborn babies and should therefore be avoided. Misoprostol can cause miscarriage or spontaneous abortion, as well as birth defects. You will need to use a reliable form of birth control throughout the period to the treatment to avoid pregnancy. Stop the treatment immediately if you think you may have become pregnant.

Talking to your health care provider before taking misoprostol

Your doctor will need to be notified of any medical conditions you have or used to have, as they can affect the success of your treatment. The following medical conditions will need to be reported to your doctor in advance: inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome or any other health problems associated with intestines. Make sure you ask any question you have about the treatment before you start taking this medicine or in the course of the treatment.

How to take misoprostol right?

Each dose of misoprostol is supposed to be taken with a full glass of water four times a day, although you may be recommended to do otherwise. Your health care provider will need to be notified if you have any contraindications for taking Cytotec. If you take Cytotec with some food, this may reduce the risk of developing diarrhea. Tell your doctor if you think this drug is not working properly for you. You will need to continue the treatment for as long as you are using NSAIDs or aspirin to protect your stomach. Treatment with misoprostol may not be correct for other people, so make sure you never share your dose of Cytotec with other people.

What are the symptoms of an overdose?

The symptoms of Cytotec overdose can include stomach pain, difficulty breathing, irregular heart beat, stomach upset, drowsiness, low blood pressure, diarrhea, seizures, and some other symptoms you may experience, where to buy misoprostol online uk. You will need to seek emergency medical help if you happened to take too much of Cytotec, purchase cytotec australia. Remember that taking too much of this medicine is not going to help you benefit from the treatment more, order cytotec online uk.

How to store Cytotec

You will need to store Cytotec in some place dry and cool where it will not be accessed by other people tow whom it was not prescribed, where to buy cytotec no prescription canada. Don't store Cytotec in the bathroom, as the level of humidity is too high there, where to buy cytotec without prescription australia.
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