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More information about Aygestin

What is Aygestin used for?

Aygestin (norethindrone) is a female hormone used as contraception. It affects the cervical mucus density and causes certain changes to the lining of the uterus. Those and some other effects it has on the patient's body prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg, making sure the egg does not attach to the uterus. There are some other uses for norethindrone, such as abnormal vaginal bleeding, endometriosis (the presence of endometrium in areas other than the lining of the uterus, which causes menstrual pain), menstrual disorders and other conditions caused by the imbalance of hormones.

How to take Aygestin right?

Taking this medicine exactly as your doctor prescribed is the best way to benefit from the treatment and avoid a pregnancy. Unless the doctor provided specific instructions, you can follow those on the label of the medicine. It's crucial that you take the doses at evenly spaced intervals and avoid missing any. In case of using norethindrone for birth control purposes, your doctor may recommend using a back-up contraception method for the first few weeks of the treatment.

Before using Aygestin

Before you start taking norethindrone, let your doctor know if you have any conditions likely to interfere with the success of your treatment. You will need to mention such health issues as kidney disease, asthma, a history of heart disease, migraines, seizures, liver disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, as well as a history of a mental illness. Your doctor may want to do a few tests to establish how safe norethindrone is expected to be and how much you will benefit from using it. Your progress may also need to be monitored more carefully.

Are there any contraindications?

There are a few contraindications for using norethindrone. You are not supposed to take the medicine in case you have any of the following conditions or factors: breast cancer, a recent history of a blood clot, liver disease, circulation problems, a history of stroke, a history of an abortion or miscarriage, or abnormal vaginal bleeding. Patients older than 35, as well as those who smoke, may be at higher risk of developing serious health problems, such as a stroke, a heart attack or blood clots. If any of the factors mentioned apply to you, it's important to discuss the treatment with a qualified health care professional.

Pregnancy and norethindrone

Norethindrone is not supposed to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, as it can cause serious birth defects in an unborn baby, order norethindrone pharmacy uk. Because Aygestin is intended for preventing a pregnancy, a woman that has a reason to believe she got pregnant during the treatment, must stop using norethindrone and talk to a doctor right away, buy norethindrone no prescription australia.

If you miss a dose of Aygestin

Missing a dose of norethindrone increases the chances of becoming pregnant when having unprotected sex, buy norethindrone 0.35 mg uk. The dose missed can be taken if you remembered about it soon enough (within 3 hours from the moment it was supposed to be used), buy norethindrone online no prescription canada. If more than three hours passed from the moment you had to take Aygestin, you have to use some additional contraception method during the next 48 hours, buy norethindrone online australia. The birth controls methods of your choice may include spermicidal gel or a condom, buy aygestin tablets canada.

Other important information

Aygestin is not expected to protect the patient using it against sexually transmitted diseases; neither is it likely to prevent passing an STD to the sexual partner, buy aygestin online no prescription uk. A condom is required to make sure both partners avoid those kinds of problems, buy aygestin online.
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